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Naruto 457 Update

Posted in Naruto, sasuke with tags , , , , , , , , on June 24, 2009 by thehighbrow

Gah! I hate you, Danzo!!!

Read the latest Naruto manga chapter yet? If you haven’t hurry up and click this link:


If you’ve already read the latest chapter, I guess you can join me now in saying: I HATE YOU DANZO!!!

How dare he?! Him – the new hokage? Puhlease… To order Sasuke to be killed?! I’ll never forgive him!! I appreciate Naruto and Sakura’s efforts to defend their friend! XD XD ~! Who in the right mind would have Sasuke Uchiha killed anyway?

As for Sasuke attacking the village… I’m sure he has his reasons… XD XD ~! What the heck!  I’m a Sasuke fan! Can’t blame me for standing up for him!

Anyhow, post your reactions here!

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