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Sasuke and Itachi – Normal Brothers PROVEN!

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Here’s proof that Itachi and Sasuke-kun are simply like other siblings/brothers.

Sasuke-kun = a typical younger brother – ANNOYING AND SIMPLY A BOTHER!


Sasuke and Itachi – Brothers turned Rivals

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Face it, Itachi! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun is so heated up on revenge! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun is so angry! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun left Konoha! You’re the reason why…Sasuke-kun got so powerful.

Brothers will be brothers, I suppose. Imagine the bond between Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. Once, they were so close. They weren’t only brothers; they were great friends! But then, because of one sinister act (How could you, Itachi?!), everything changed. For Sasuke, the brother he once loved was no more. Itachi had turned into his enemy – the enemy he vowed to kill, no matter what the cost.


Chapters 388 -394 of the Naruto manga more or less centers on the battle between Sasuke and Itachi. I guess you can call this their ultimate showdown. The battle was intense but in the end, Sasuke won. He got what he wanted – revenge on his brother. Sasuke was able to fulfill his vow – to kill Itachi no matter what the cost. He was so caught up on the sense of victory he felt that he didn’t even stop and think about the reasons behind Itachi’s actions. (Why did Itachi touch his forehead before finally dying?) By the time Sasuke found out about the truth, everything was too late.

Thanks to Tobi a.k.a. Madara Uchiha, Sasuke found out about the truth. Itachi planned everything. He did everything to protect Sasuke. Turns out that Itachi had been deceiving Sasuke. Everything had been done out of duty and┬ácommitment, not by choice. Still, though he was bound by duty, Itachi still couldn’t kill his own brother. He loved him too much to do so. In fact, even in death, he still thought of him. Before dying, he passed on his powers to Sasuke (and thus explains why Itachi touched his forehead) so as to protect him and grant him the Amaterasu. Everything was done out of great brotherly love.

Sniff…The truth behind Itachi and Sasuke never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. Itachi…You are the best big brother ever!

Cheers for Sasuke and Itachi…Uchihas rock!