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Naruto 457 Update

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Gah! I hate you, Danzo!!!

Read the latest Naruto manga chapter yet? If you haven’t hurry up and click this link:


If you’ve already read the latest chapter, I guess you can join me now in saying: I HATE YOU DANZO!!!

How dare he?! Him – the new hokage? Puhlease… To order Sasuke to be killed?! I’ll never forgive him!! I appreciate Naruto and Sakura’s efforts to defend their friend! XD XD ~! Who in the right mind would have Sasuke Uchiha killed anyway?

As for Sasuke attacking the village… I’m sure he has his reasons… XD XD ~! What the heck!  I’m a Sasuke fan! Can’t blame me for standing up for him!

Anyhow, post your reactions here!

sasuke shippuden

Shippuden News!!! + New Opening Song!

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Naruto Shippuden new episode – What happened wasn’t really a shock for those who’ve already read the manga! But in ep. 78-79, Asuma-sensei dies!!! Aww….That’s quite the shame…He was quite the sensei for dear Shikamaru…Aw…

Anyway, more exciting than the new episdoe is of course the new opening theme song! It’s called Closer and though it’s not yet available in full version, I’ve mangaed to get the TV size version for all of you guys! It’s in WAV format, though…It’s up to you to convert it…


Thanks for all the support here at halved0divided! Keep those comments coming!

Sasuke and Itachi – Brothers turned Rivals

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Face it, Itachi! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun is so heated up on revenge! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun is so angry! You’re the reason why Sasuke-kun left Konoha! You’re the reason why…Sasuke-kun got so powerful.

Brothers will be brothers, I suppose. Imagine the bond between Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. Once, they were so close. They weren’t only brothers; they were great friends! But then, because of one sinister act (How could you, Itachi?!), everything changed. For Sasuke, the brother he once loved was no more. Itachi had turned into his enemy – the enemy he vowed to kill, no matter what the cost.


Chapters 388 -394 of the Naruto manga more or less centers on the battle between Sasuke and Itachi. I guess you can call this their ultimate showdown. The battle was intense but in the end, Sasuke won. He got what he wanted – revenge on his brother. Sasuke was able to fulfill his vow – to kill Itachi no matter what the cost. He was so caught up on the sense of victory he felt that he didn’t even stop and think about the reasons behind Itachi’s actions. (Why did Itachi touch his forehead before finally dying?) By the time Sasuke found out about the truth, everything was too late.

Thanks to Tobi a.k.a. Madara Uchiha, Sasuke found out about the truth. Itachi planned everything. He did everything to protect Sasuke. Turns out that Itachi had been deceiving Sasuke. Everything had been done out of duty and commitment, not by choice. Still, though he was bound by duty, Itachi still couldn’t kill his own brother. He loved him too much to do so. In fact, even in death, he still thought of him. Before dying, he passed on his powers to Sasuke (and thus explains why Itachi touched his forehead) so as to protect him and grant him the Amaterasu. Everything was done out of great brotherly love.

Sniff…The truth behind Itachi and Sasuke never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. Itachi…You are the best big brother ever!

Cheers for Sasuke and Itachi…Uchihas rock!

Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun!

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It’s July 23 and as I mentioned in my last entry, it’s Sasuke-kun’s birthday! Happy birthday Sasuke-kun!!! And as a special birthday tribute, I’m going to flood this entry with tons and tons of Sasuke pictures! Enjoy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASUKE!!!

Sasuke’s Birthday Special Primer

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Sasuke’s Birthday is coming up soon! That’s on Wednesday, people – July 23! Mark your calendars people!

As to how special Sasuke’s birthday is, here’s a comic! Enjoy! Thanks to!

Who’s Stronger? Sasuke or Naruto? (The answer is so obvious…)

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I won’t even bother discussing this…But to everyone who’s reading, feel free to leave comments on who you think is stronger…It’s so obvious, isn’t it? But still, allow me to post this comic I found in to further convince you about this particular topic…(Sasuke-kun, you rock! ^_^ )

The Mystery Beyond…

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Sasuke Uchiha is an EMO kid… Okay… Sure, we hear this a lot.

But, ever wonder: What’s the mystery beyond all that emo?  The answer is fairly simple really… Read on to find out.

Sasuke has gone through a lot. Back when he was still little (kawaii!! Sasuke-kun as a little kid! kawaii!!!), he used to feel like he can never be the best. He was always being compared to Itachi, always getting overshadowed by that talented brother of his. Sasuke felt unloved by his father, who only seemed to have eyes on ‘the older brother’. It took Sasuke a lot of hard work and patience just to be able to get through that downgrading feeling. And just when he was finally getting noticed by his father, something just had to happen…

In that young age of his, he already saw death and I’m not just talking about the death of a single person. I am talking about the death of his entire clan! What trauma it must have caused him! To witness the downfall of the Uchiha clan… To make matters worse, the murder turned out to be his own brother, Itachi Uchiha, whom Sasuke idolized and looked up to. Sigh… With his parents dead, his brother missing and his entire clan destroyed, Sasuke was forced to grow up alone. He had to live by himself without depending on anyone and let me tell you, that ain’t easy!

So, can you blame Sasuke for being emo? I mean, he’s gone through a lot! It’s natural for him to worry and think about everything that’s happened… And besides, he’s a genius, remember? Geniuses think a lot! They worry a lot! And it’s only right that they are respected for thinking beyond the average human’s limits… (Don’t worry, Sasuke-kun…Go think all you want! Reminisce about your past. But don’t think too hard…That’s bad and might damage your genius mind…Ha ha ha…)

To end this entry, I want to tell you all to think twice before making fun of Sasuke and his tendency to become emo. Remember his past… Remember his genius… Remember that he’s Sasuke!